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    Hygieia Biogenics is committed to be along with every stride of the medical fraternity with the widest plethora of ultramodern concept of medical science and technology to wipe out the pain and agony of diseases the mankind suffers from.

Latest News
  • GLCC announced today, at the 15th WCLC in Sydney, Australia, a campaign, supported by Boehringer Ingelheim (BI), to increase the knowledge & understanding of real world challenges facing individuals & families battling lung cancer.
  • University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researchers played a key role in the largest international Alzheimer's disease genetics collaboration to date, which identified 11 new regions of the genome that contribute to late-onset Alzheimer's disease,
  • Health Tips
    • Balance and mind-body coordination are key to experiencing the zone of peak performance.
    • Avoid yogurt, cheese, cultured buttermilk and cottage cheese at night.
    • Cracked black pepper in your diet can help the free flow of oxygen to the brain and help you stay focused yet calm.
    • Do not skip breakfast and avoid heavy food at night.
    • A bit of fresh ginger before a full meal will help stimulate the digestive fire.
    • Regular use of a good chelating formula makes a great deal of sense.
    • Vegetables like drum sticks, spinach, bitter gourd, green banana, fenugreek leaves (Methi), Mint leaves provides the necessary fiber and nutrition and at the same time are easily digestible.
    • Meditation and Yoga is helpful for healthy life.
    • Take a 1 glass of Milk, add 1 tsp. of Ghee (clarified butter), add little bit of Ginger powder, warm it up and drink it regularly to avoid Debility (weakness).
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